Monday, 9 November 2015

Trip Reports : Capsule Hotel In Shinsaibashi

We've never really bothered about trying the capsule hotel before this, when Son was smaller. Now that he is bigger and does enjoy his personal space; it is an option we look into and tried, during our September 2015 visit to Osaka and Kyoto.

We spent our first night upon arrival in Osaka in a capsule hotel in Shinsaibashi. 

We chose B&S Eco-Cube for our stay because it has both rooms for male and female (on different floors).

Checking in was a breeze. The front desk staff speaks better English than me!

After leaving our luggage at the ground floor and stashing our shoes in the lockers provided, we made our way to our respective floors to sleep and rest.

There is a strict MEN only and WOMEN only policy for the floors where the capsules are located.
To access to the ladies floor, an access card is needed hence the reason female capsule room is a bit more expensive than the male rooms. 
The locker where I have my robe available and stash my stuff in.
The front desk staff advised us to leave our bulky luggage beside the front desk but as I entered my floor, I saw others taking up the luggages and placed them in front of their respective capsule.
The shower room located beside our capsule room.

Toilet is located in the powder room, separated by the entrance door as is the make-up area (to avoid noise from hair-dryers disturbing others).
Basic amenities available. They  provide toothbrush and toothpaste too.
227 was my "pod" for the night. ^^
Quite comfy too.
Despite the modern looking exterior, the capsule room itself feels rather old. 

Just look at the knobs of the entertainment & switch control here! Hehehe
Son looking happy in his own capsule.
He's on the upper capsule while Hubby on the lower capsule.

I was so comfortable sleeping in my capsule room, I was happily rolling about and not wanting to come out even after I woke up the next morning and had actually stayed in for an hour before Hubby messaged me to get ready! Hehehe

We paid around 2,300yen per pax for Hubby and Son and 3,000 yen for me for a 1 night stay there.

Quite a good value and a novelty for us. 


  1. That is excellent value and it sounds like a whole lot of fun. Some of them have a sento, too which guests are allowed to use :)

    1. We tried looking for one with sento available for both male and female guests but couldn't find one in Osaka so we settled for this.

      It was still nice. :)

  2. Well that sounds cool! I do not think I would like it just travelling with my husband but great if you have kids!

    1. Yeah, with bigger kids this might be a good option. Everyone gets their own space. :)

  3. Hi! This capsule hotel room looks very cool. I have never been this kind of hotel. Wishing you nice days.

    1. It was our first time too.

      We just want to try for the experience. :)

  4. Hi! This capsule hotel room looks very cool. I have never been this kind of hotel. Wishing you nice days.

  5. The capsule hotel room looks pretty interesting to try but knowing me and claustrophobic-ness hmmmm i might not survive. Suka tengok that happy smile on your son's face tu.

    1. I thought it could be quite claustrophobic at first but was happily surprised that it wasn't that bad. Quite roomy and comfy.

  6. I have been tempted to book these capsules when my arrival was late night into Japan.
    The problem is I cannot sleep well without wife beside me. I am shy to confess that when she was away alone to US for 2 weeks, I had to drink cough mixture to doze off by 10pm! Muahahahaha

    Your son looked so cute in his cubicle.


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