Sunday, 13 December 2015

First Cabin - A Luxury Kind Of Dorm

On our second day of our trip in September, we headed to Kyoto after spending a night in Osaka.

We planned to spend a day of sightseeing around Kyoto before making our way to Toyooka the next day. Toyooka is the town we spent two days in, as I joined the Tango Ultramarathon which is held in a nearby town.

Our hotel of choice this time, after spending a night in a capsule hotel in Osaka was First Cabin which is as the name mentioned, a cabin style accommodation.
There are two types of cabin offered - First class cabin and business class cabin.
I stayed in a First Class cabin while the boys stayed in a business class cabin which was of course a tad smaller and cheaper compared to the First Class cabin. ^^

Entry into our respective cabins are by the access cards provided to each guest.
My cabin, located at the end of the row.
Son in the Business Class cabin. He quite enjoyed the experience of having his own space now and love both the capsule hotel and First Cabin. 
A peek into my cabin.
Our cabins are equipped with a 32 inch LCD TV, wi-fi and amenities such as pyjamas and slippers for our stay.
It really felt rather luxurious, and for not a lot of Yen to boot! As the cabin is closed by a curtain and cannot be locked, safety boxes are placed in each cabin. 
Toilets and vanity area are located on the same floor as my cabin but I had to go down a floor below for the communal shower.
Separated for men and women, of course. Shower area can only be accessed by our access card, the same as access to our cabin floors. Good security!

A tad of a problem though... We are reminded to be considerate to fellow guests and to refrain from making noise. This was great and all guests observed this but I felt guilty munching and ruffling through my snack packs and wondered whether it was too noisy for my next door neighbour! Huhuhu

I really had a good rest here and woke up all refreshed the next day and all ready for our next adventure! 


  1. Looks like an interesting way to spend a night in Kyoto :)

    1. Yup. Something new in traditional Kyoto. ;-)

  2. Hi! Nice first class accomodation! Your son looks very fun staying in the Sky Cabin.. Thanks for sharing.


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