Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Memories of 2015 : Kinosaki Onsen (Part II)

Part I was about our onsen-hopping around the town area, read the post here.

In between the onsen dipping, we stopped by a nearby temple for a break from all the hot spring dipping.
We decided to visit a temple located at a mountain slope, Onsen-ji (hot spring temple). Here we are at the Nioumon Gate to enter the temple complex.
Yakushido hall of Onsen-ji.
At the foot of the mountain is the temple gate and Yakushido hall, the main temple is located at the ropeway's middle station.
There is a hiking course from the foot of the temple gate leading up to the main temple located at the middle station of the ropeway. The hike takes about 20 minutes. As if running 60K the day before not enough la... I went up the stairs some more...
We later bought some eggs to be dipped in the hot spring water to enjoy.

Dip for 15 minutes (according to the instruction board) and it's ready to be eaten. The eggs we bought were put in a mesh bag so we just need to tie the bag to the wood compartments there.  We walked around for 15 minutes and came back in time to enjoy the eggs, which were still safely tied. (Nope, no one took ours).
We took it to a table, use that contraption to open up the eggs' shell and sprinkle some salt.
A bit of rest before continuing our onsen visit and pretty soon it was time to return to Osaka.
We took the limited express Konoutori which is covered by our JR Wide Area Pass (WAP Pass) and off we went to Osaka.
Instead of resting upon arrival to our hotel in Osaka, we head out again to walk around Osaka after dinner. Son opted to rest in his room while the parents only returned in the wee hours of the morning!

Still walking around at 3am. Tsk tsk.


  1. I had never seen this impressive express Konoutori train. It is indeed limited!
    I salute your family's way of thinking and lifestyle, wherever you go. You will not restrict yourself to learn about other cultures.

    1. It's always interesting to learn & try new things, right?


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