Friday, 9 September 2016

Memories of 2015 : Kinosaki Onsen

The day after I ran in Tango Ultramarathon in September 2015, we visited Kinosaki Onsen for a well deserved rest treat.
It was a birthday treat for both me and hubby too. ^^

Checking-out from our hotel in Toyooka, we took a quick ride to Kinosaki Onsen using our JR Kansai Wide Area Pass.

It was a long public holiday weekend so the area was teeming with visitors.
First order of business was stashing our luggage at a nearby luggage centre to be kept. The luggage centre provides delivery service to the surrounding area's ryokan which is nice. 
We didn't stay overnight but we wanted to do an onsen-hop and experience as many onsen in the area as we could so we bought a Yumepa Ticket for 1,200yen per person (half price for elementary school kids). It's a bargain as it allows us unlimited admission to all seven public baths in the town for a day. Single admission ranges from 600 - 800 yen.
Armed with a map provided by the first onsen we enter (you can buy the pass at all seven public baths in the town), off we went for an onsen adventure!
Onsen stop no. 1 Jizoyou Onsen, where we bought our pass and started our first dip. 

Each of these bath houses feature different baths - as in design of baths, view, etc. We didn't stay long at each of them, only took a dip for 15 minutes, then rested at the public rest area of each bath houses before moving to the next bath house.
Bath no. 2 Ichino-yu.

And oh yeah, apart from enjoying the bath, we collected stamps from each bath too! There were stamps for visitors to use at the entrance of each bath houses.
Bath no. 3 Goshono-yu. Love the building but this was the most crowded bath that we visited that day. Can see why, right?
Bath no. 4  Kono-yu.

By this time, we were feeling a bit lightheaded from all the onsen hopping and hot baths so we didn't stay long here. 

We took a break from hot baths after this and visited Onsenji Temple which was nearby. Even had onsen eggs! More about that later... ^^
 Bath no. 5 Mandara-yu.
 Mandara-yu is located off the main road so we took a stroll there and enjoyed the scenery.
Final bath no. 6 Yanagi-yu.

We didn't visit the one nearest to the station; Satano-yu  thinking it was closed (one onsen will be closed alternately each day) but it turned out it was open. But by that time, we really had our fill of baths already!
Cafes and restaurants are aplenty in the area for day-trippers but we decided to not splurge and bought a konbini bento for our lunch that day.

There is also a tourism office where one can enjoy a rest and free wi-fi right across the train station. Also public rest areas where one can rest, eat, do toilet breaks are available too, so no worries.
And the final activity was drinking from the onsen drinking fountain.

I was so refreshed after the trip that it wasn't a problem to do our Kumono-kodo hike the next day. 


  1. Very cool. Looks like you guys had a fun day.

  2. Hi! lina. We went to 6 bath houses. It's very nice. We went there and went to 3 bath houses only. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Did you stay overnight there?

      It must have been good. :)

  3. Wow! This post is so interesting. I never knew they have passes for unlimited visits to 7 bath houses. I would be boiled by the 3rd attempt! Wakakakaka

    Thank you for sharing this eye opener.

    1. Onsen towns do have such passes and it's an experience to try a few. Haha

    2. Thanks again. I will pay attention next time. I need to open my eyes wider.

    3. Ahhhh so Anay will be going again.

      Syiok nya! :)

    4. I plan to visit Sapporo during their Snow Festival in February.

    5. Enjoy!

      Mak Glam don't like cold :P


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