Saturday, 17 September 2016

Memories of 2015: The Sandbar Of Amanohashidate

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Amanohashidate is a pine covered sandbar that spans the mouth of Miyazu Bay in the scenic, coastal region of northern Kyoto Prefecture. Viewed from the mountains at either end of the bay, the Amanohashidate Sandbar (or Bridge in Heaven) looks like a pathway between heaven and earth. The sandbar is ranked among Japan's three most scenic views. 

The other two most scenic view in Japan are:
 Miyajima with its floating torii and Itsukushima Shrine. (Our trip report here).
Matshushima that has pine clad islets dotting around it (our trip report here).

We visited Amanohashidate on a Saturday afternoon in September 2015, the day we collected my race kit for the Tango Ultramarathon which was held the next day, on Sunday.
From the race kit collection site in Amity Tango, we used our Tantetsu day pass (1,800yen for adult but 50% discount for foreign tourist so we only paid 900yen for it).

There is of course a direct train from Kyoto station to Amanohashidate and it takes about 1hour 40minutes for the journey.
The sandbar is about 3 kilometre long and I actually had to resist the urge to walk from one end to the other end of the sandbar (making a 6K trip) because I was running in a 60K race the next day.
But we did walk part of it and enjoyed the scenic view. ^^
Another interesting spot at Amanohashidate is the rotating bridge. Rather than raising like a traditional drawbridge, the middle section of this bridge rotates 90 degrees to allow boats to pass through. We walked past the bridge when it started to rotate and it was quite fun to see the process.
And of course we visited the shrines there and enjoyed the atmosphere and festivities around it.
Walking around the town area was nice, looking at souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants...
With a number of shops drying up squids and fish to be sold.
And as always, we had fun looking for the manhole covers. In Amanohashidate, the manhole features the sandbar, of course. ^^


  1. Very nice! Did you look at Amanohashidate upside down to give you the perfect view of the bridge in heaven?

    1. Haha no I didn't.
      I should've done it, ya?


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