Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Memories Of 2015 Trip : Tango Ultramarathon (the boys' activities)

Gosh, I've been really neglecting this blog!

It's going to be a year since our trip last year and I still have lots I haven't shared here.

So here goes...
If you remember, we went to Japan so that I could run in the Tango Ultramarathon to celebrate my 40th birthday last year. 

The two boys (hubby and son) hopped on the shuttle bus provided by the race organiser and waited for me at around KM22 mark. 

It was a nice surprise as they didn't inform me beforehand that they'd be waiting at midway point.
While waiting for me, they sightsee around the seaside area.

I ran pass this route too, and yes it is lovely. Was quite tempted to take a lot of photo stops but I refrained myself from doing so as I needed to pass the first checkpoint with a lot of buffer time.

After I passed through, they head off to Asamogawa Onsen Shizuka No Sato to enjoy a bit of relaxation using the discount voucher (or was it free entry?) provided by the race organiser to participants.
A bath house on a hill. There are two bathhouses; Shizuka No Yu and Yoshitsune No Yu.
 In front of Shizuka No Sato.
At the entrance way.
The shoe locker. Stashed their shoes safely and they were set to enjoy the onsen.
 But first, a bit of snack. Supporting runners is tiring too!
A lovely view from the observation lobby.

Nope, there are no photos of the onsen area itself. Have to respect others' privacy yeah? ^^

So the two boys got to enjoy an onsen trip. How about Mommy?

We went to Kinosaki Onsen the next day and spend the whole day onsen-hopping! It was marvelous!


  1. Hi! Nice memory for you and your family. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kinosaki Onsen is one of the best places in Japan for onsen hopping. Did you guys wear a yukata and geta?

    1. We didn't!

      We were just day-trippers so no change into yukata that day.

  3. I must be a boring traveler as I had never dipped into onsens with fabulous views like you guys had. I merely relaxed in those provided by the hotels I stayed and I thought I was happy enough. No, I must be more adventurous in future like this "Japan Mad Family" kakakaka

    1. Eh, you also adventurous what.

      Anay and Letchumi visited so many places dy.


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