Monday, 31 October 2016

Chiba 2016 Trip - A Snapshot

We came back last Thursday from a 6-days' trip. The trip was so that I could run in Chiba Aqualine Marathon. It was great fun and while we visited familiar places, we also managed to do something different too.
We made our journey to Japan on Friday morning and flew with ANA on the 8am flight. 

For the first time since Feb 2002, it was just the two of us this time. 
We arrived Narita Airport at around 3pm but spent more time at the airport to sort out a glitch with our Japan SIM card.

It was almost 5pm when we took a local train to Chiba Station and after checking-in at our hotel, the first order of business was to search for dinner. Luckily, there were plenty of restaurants located near the train station.

Dinner and a night stroll with Hubby before we finally settled in our room.
Saturday was a busy day.

We went around the malls near Chiba Station before making our way to Tokyo Station. As always, whenever we are in Tokyo, a stop at the Central Post Office.

A great place to shop for souvenir and commemorative stamps.

We later met a few friends to run around the Imperial Palace jogging course and later a dinner gathering.
Sunday was race day!

I joined the half-marathon at the Chiba Aqualine Marathon held in Chiba. The run was interesting to me as it is only held once every two years.The run saw 12 thousand full marathoners and 5 thousand half marathoners running around Chiba.

Plus we get to run on the Aqualine Expressway up to the point where the bridge link goes through the undersea tunnel across Tokyo Bay. The bridge/tunnel connects Kawasaki in Kanagawa with Kisarazu in Chiba.
Monday was reserved for a hike. We started at Mount Takao and used the Inariyama Trail where it is less crowded with hikers/visitors.
We hiked 15 kilometres from Takaosanguchi Station to Mount Jinba. The hike down was using a shorter 4 kilometres route before taking a bus for another 10 kilometres trip to Takao Station.

From the start of the hike till we board the bus; we took about 8 leisurely hours to hike to the top of Mount Jinba (857m) and down again.

As a treat after the hike, we went to an onsen and later had a nice sashimi dinner.
Tuesday was cycling day.

We rented bicycles from Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel and went around Tokyo Bay and the neighbouring area.

Our rental was for 24-hours so we took our time cycling and enjoying the sights.
Tuesday night was spent in Akihabara, trawling the shops that were still open after 8pm; looking for toys. ^^
Wednesday was spent in Ueno and we spent most of our time in Ameyokocho for some final shopping.

And all too soon, it was time for us to return to Malaysia.

Next year, we plan to spend more days for our yearly vacation!

Total spent excluding airfares (plus omiyages and snacks to bring home): about 85,000 yen (around 4,050) for two.
Airfares : RM1,298.00 return with ANA.


  1. What a pleasant and well planned trip to Chiba for under 85,000 Yen that lasted 6 days!! You are a gem traveler and I must learn more from you. My friend had been telling me to forget AA and go for ANA's better package.
    I was surprised that I also ended up buying most cheapo souvenirs at Akihabara's lelong boxes by the 5 foot ways. Really cheap and good stuffs for clearance.

    This has been my dream to rent bicycles in overseas and slowly cycle like you. Manyak romantik!

    1. ANA is definitely waaaay better than AAX and now JAL has a promo fare too.

      Hope to see photos of Anay & Letchumi cycling by the flower fields in Hokkaido soon! :)

  2. Woohoo. More Japan stories coming up! :)

  3. Hi! Nice trip to Chiba and Tokyo. I caught cold and ill in bed more than two weeks. sorry not to visit soon.

    1. Oh dear.
      Hope you are feeling better now.
      Take care.

  4. Hi! Ive came across ur blog when i decided to travel to japan using ANA airlines. Plus, im a first timer traveller too.
    Any tips and tricks for a muslim traveller on ANA? Tq ��

    1. Xde pape since ANA offers Halal food onboard their flights to/from Muslim countries. Even snacks dia are certified Halal.

      Yang lain, macam naik flight biasa lah.

      And with top service. :)

  5. Alhamdulillah! Senang hati. Btw kak, checked in baggage fee dah termasuk dlm flight fare ke? Tq

    1. ANA is a full service carrier.

      Rege teket tu all in dah. Tayah add-on apa-apa. :)

    2. And you should have at least 20kg baggage allowance.

  6. baru tahu chiba rupanya in japan. suka pulak with japan lepas ramai2 travellers update ke sana

  7. We got some good deals on internal flights in Japan after travelling from England on ANA. I thought the seat pitch was good and the meals were fine, definitely a good way to go.

  8. wow .
    you did lot in less time .
    hiking must be the best part of all you do .
    wonderful place and taking part in marathon is great fun and pleasure too.


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