Monday, 10 October 2016

Memories of 2015 Trip - Hiking The Kumano Trail (Visiting Nachi Waterfall) Part II

Continuing from Part I, where we reaced the foot of Daimonzaka on our way to Nachi Waterfall in the Kii Peninsula.
A family photo before continuing our hike.

The weather was pretty hot by the time we reached here but bearable. Remember, we visited Japan in the late Summer months last year.
And here's  the map of the route we're following.

A special date.

It was Hubby's birthday!

There is a tea house here and we were greeted by cheery staff (or proprietress) who were busy tending the weed on the stone steps.

One can rent the pilgrim's costume here for a fee, apart from enjoying tea.

We stopped  here to enjoy free wi-fi. Hah hah
Just up ahead we pass the Meoto-Sugi; the Husband and Wife 800 year-old cedar trees.

From there onwards, it was the stone steps that we tackled.
There were benches at a few spots for weary hikers/pilgrims to rest on before continuing their hike.
And a few dead tree stumps.

That way to Kumano Nachi Taisha and Nachisan Seiganto-ji. And that way we went. ^^
From the top of the hill we descended and made our way to Nachi Waterfall, our destination for the hike.

And there's Hiro Jinja here too, which is part of Nachi Grand Shrine.
Finally, walking down the stairs!
Behind me - Nachi Waterfall. The tallest waterfall in Japan with a single uninterrupted drop.

133m drop.
13m crest.
10m basin depth.
We later walked up to the rest station up the hill which is located about 500m to the Grand Shrine and saw a couple of pilgrims on their way to continue their journey.

From the stop on top of the hill down the road leading to Nachi Waterfall lined rows of souvenir shops and eateries.
For us, we just enjoyed soft served ice cream with the intention of having a big late lunch (or early dinner) when we reached Kiikatsuura later.

For our return trip, we took the bus instead of walking and it was a nice 30 minutes journey.

We arrived Kiikatsuura station and immediately headed to the nearby shotengai (shopping street) to look for an affordable restaurant but alas, most shops were already closed. The ones that were open were souvenir shops.

With nothing else to do, we just walked around the port area to pass time before our train arrived.
Of course the market had already closed too!

Boats were docked and there were even whale-watching boats here.
We found a foot bath and decided to take a rest there.
And enjoy the sea view.
We later boarded the train, but instead of heading back to Osaka; we made a last minute plan to travel farther - to Shingu.
We arrived Shingu Station and not exactly sure what we were going to do there! Hahaha


  1. Your photos are so cute, fun and interesting! I was also excited to see old cedar trees for the first time there.

  2. Hi! Nice memories for you. Nachi falls's photo is very nice.

  3. Hi! Nice memories for you. Nachi falls's photo is very nice.

  4. Hi! Nice memories for you. Nachi falls's photo is very nice.


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