Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Memories of 2015 Trip : Last Day In Tokyo

From the Kii Peninsula in the Wakayama Prefecture we then traveled to Tokyo for our last day.

Flying ANA domestic, we flew from Kansai Airport to Haneda Airport and while we were in Tokyo, we met a few friends who were running in a race that weekend.
We arranged to meet and saw them off at the Keio Bus Station in Shinjuku before they boarded their bus to Kawaguhiko Station.

They joined the UTMF 2015 ultra race last  year.
The same spot where we boarded the bus to Kawaguchiko Station when we went there for me to run in the Fujisan Marathon 2014.
The order of business in Tokyo was shopping. Shopping. Shopping.

First - we went to Yodobashi and Bic Camera to buy Lego sets for Son.

We literally cleared off a shelf of Lego! It was a treat for the Boy and he had waited patiently for almost a year for this trip.
For Mommy, she just wanted to update her wardrobe. Tights.

But didn't find any good deal in Shinjuku.

But was happy to find a pair at a bargain at Sports Zyuen in Ueno.

We bought some (a LOT) of omiyage chocolates duty-free shop there too to bring back home.
Our final meal in Tokyo and in Japan was at Tenya. It's a tempura chain and quite popular even with foreigners.

The staff at Ueno branch were foreign students doing arubaito (part time) job there.
Son chose the soba set.
And the parents chose tendon. Ebi (prawn) and vege tempura on rice.

It's yummy and affordable too!
Our return flight was also on ANA.

ANA offers an expanded Halal menu for its in-flight meal and even the snacks served are Halal certified for flights to/from Muslim majority countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

Their Halal certified in-flight meal is provided by Brahim's.
The menu served in-flight is of course available to view on their website and we wanted and chose this...
After a week-long trip to Japan in September 2015, the trip had finally ended.

It was a great trip with the family and I am certainly happy to also bring home the Tango Ultramarathon medal back with me.

A run that I had finished to celebrate my 40th birthday.

Note: if you carry your medal in your carry-on, you may need to declare it when you put your stuff through the scanner before going in to check-in. Haha


  1. Looks like you had an amazing trip! I'm also a huge fan of tempura soba :)

  2. Awesome! The medal is one that I would not be able to get when I visit Japan. haha...

  3. The medal is so creative and lovely with the kimono wraps! Nice.

    I only learnt to eat Soba after visiting Japan and got hooked ever since.

    We went to hunt for all the cheaper Lego sets in Tokyo but my local Nihon friend told me to buy online which he calculated was cheaper as the shop's rentals in Tokyo was the factor.


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