Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Flying With ANA

Our October 2016 trip was our second time flying from KLIA to Narita direct, with ANA (Air Nippon Airways) since it started plying the KL-Tokyo-KL route in Sep 2015.

We used ANA in Sep 2015 and flew in to Narita before taking a domestic flight to Kansai Airport. We paid about RM1,000.00 per person for our tickets last year.

This year, we paid about RM1,200 per person for our tickets. Still OK lah and a bargain considering it's a full service carrier and not a budget airline.
It was a short trip, solely for the purpose to let me go run in Chiba Aqualine Marathon. It wasn't school holiday yet and Son wasn't keen on skipping classes so the trip was made with just the two of us.

A first time for me & hubby going to Japan without Son, since 2002!
We took the 8.00am and soon after take-off, we were served breakfast.

Breakfast was Halal-certified.
But not lunch, it seems...

Anyhoo, we only got breakfast and snacks served lah for our 7-hour long flight. Snacks served were Halal-certified, by the way.
In-flight entertainment was syiok of course. I watched Shin Godzilla movie and an anime, The Boy and The Beast.
 Our breakfast.
 Our snacks.
Our dinner for our return flight.

ANA is of course the choice for us for the time being, as their promo fares are still competitive and a bargain. JAL does offers promo price at the moment, and we do love flying with JAL too but ANA still trumps all full service carriers including MAS and SQ at the moment.


  1. You definitely got a very good bargain price!! Got nice meals, unlimited drinks and big baggage allowance check in plus roomy space for the legs. ANA is my dream now! LOL

    1. It sure was great value!

      And no need to smell any stinky feet like I did flying with AAX! LOL

  2. ANA has been one of my favourite airlines for travelling to and from Japan.


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