Monday, 12 December 2016

Tokyo's Adidas Runbase - The City Is Our Gym

Adidas Runbase Tokyo is a place for runners who are fans of the Adidas brand to not only purchase the latest Adidas products but also as a place where one can rent lockers (with excellent shower facilities, I might add), rent running apparels (shoes and clothing) and simply head out for a run.
No excuse not running because one forget one's running shoes!

Runbase 5 one feature:

  • From Nagatacho station (1 min walk), from Imperial Palace (3 min walk)
  • Latest shoes wear for rental
  • Stylish locker shower
  • Tailored running clinic
  • Professional staff advice 
The day before my Chiba Aqualine Marathon in October 2016, Hubby and I had set-up a meeting with a friend, whom we got to know when I ran in Tango Ultramarathon in 2015. Toshi-san was also the race director of  Tango Ultramarathon in 2015.

He had kindly offered to bring me to the store and later accompanied me to run around Imperial Palace jogging course before meeting a few other people for dinner.

We got off at Nagatacho station and head out from exit No. 4 and met Toshi-san who was already waiting for us at the exit's entrance.^^

First order of business for us was of course, to check out what Adidas Runbase Tokyo has to offer before changing into our running gear.
 The latest array of running apparels are available at the store.
Me, looking at the Adidas Boost shoes available for rental.

But I came ready! I had brought along my own running gears so I only needed to rent the store's locker.

I had done my homework and followed Adidas Runbase Tokyo Twitter account ( and got a discount for my locker fee at 600yen (700yen normal fee).

Shoes, running apparel and even watch can be rented at a fee, starting from 100yen  to 500yen for a set of jacket, shirt and running pants.
The staff were obliging and nice and most important, they are runners themselves. I even had the chance to talk with one of the staff there; Takanori Haraguchi who is also a competitive runner who had spent three years in US and Canada.
Me and my locker key.

Very onsen like. Ahahaha

Hubby and I, accompanied by Toshi-san later met another runner and we jogged from the store to Imperial Palace where we did the 5K loop.

The store offers a number of running clinic and the schedule can be viewed at their website (Japanese only).

After the run, it was time for us to get ready for dinner so it's shower & change time!

There are 8 showers available in each of the women & men locker room; apart from 248 lockers.

Towels can rented for a fee but other amenities such as body wash and shampoo; apart from hairdryer, lotions and other amenities are available in the locker room for free.
For those who wanted to check out the store, here's the map.

Have fun!

And oh, for those who is or will be in Tokyo this weekend; there will be a charity run held at Imperial Palace.
More information on the race can be found at my other blog:

Entries are still accepted until race day so if you're in town on Dec 18, 2016 and want to meet fellow runners in Tokyo and also contribute to charity; why not drop by to Imperial Palace and join the run?


  1. Hi! It's nice you can use Adidas Run base Tokyo. There are similar bases near the Imperial palace. Reading this post Adidas staff would thank for you. Have nice days.

  2. Wow! I am so surprised that we could rent shoes there! Best of all it's my favourite ADIDAS brand.

    I like the way your friend went all out to bring you to the store and later for a run. I love their Japanese way of sincerity and warmth to help foreigners or just anyone.

    1. They are sure nice people, right?

      I was blessed to meet such friendly runners there. :)


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