Sunday, 5 February 2017

JIBTV's Discover & Explore Chiba With Chiba Aqualine Marathon

I haven't been updating much here and much less about our Chiba trip in October 2016 when we visited Chiba for me to run in Chiba Aqualine Marathon.

But, I found this excellent documentary on about Chiba Aqualine Marathon and Chiba.
Truthfully, I entered Chiba Aqualine Marathon last year because of these few reasons:
1. Running on the bridge section of Aqualine Expressway
2. The Marathon is held bi-annually
3. Limited slots for foreign participants (always a draw for me)

Here's the documentary about Chiba Aqualine Marathon and Chiba, for those planning to visit Chiba and also for those researching about the Chiba Aqualine Marathon. The next marathon will be in 2018. 
Hubby & I didn't explore Chiba much during our trip because of time constraints so we do need to make a return visit someday. 

Maybe we can spend a day or two there this year, when we visit Kanagawa Prefecture (I plan to run a race in Dec) ^^


  1. Hi! The video is very nice. I had driven this aqua line 4 or 5 times. The scenery was very good from the Umi Hotaru. Umi means sea. Hotaru means lightning bug. 海蛍。Thanks for sharing.


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