Thursday, 31 May 2018

Nikko In December 2017

Oh my! It's been more than a year since I last updated this blog!

And between that time, we visited Japan twice. In September 2017 and we went to Osaka for a short trip and in December 2017, we visited Nikko and Tokyo.

We bought the Nikko All Area Free Pass at Tobu Asakusa Station and it allowed us travel for a return trip from Asakusa to Shimo-Imaichi station and trains and buses around Nikko for 4 days.

The blog post of it here:
On our second day in Nikko, we hiked along the Lake Yunoko and Lake Chuzenji course and pass through Senjogahara Marshland.

We also got to see the three magnificent waterfalls in Nikko - Yudaki, Ryuzu and Kego.

The blog post of our hike:
We stayed at Yumoto Onsen for two nights while visiting Nikko.

The blog post of our stay:
We also spent a night at Kinugawa Onsen and we were lucky to get to see this Steam Locomotive Taiju in action, travelling from Shimo-Imaichi station to Kinugawa Onsen.

The blog post of the stay:
The rest of our trip were spent in Tokyo as I joined Itabashi Half Marathon and later, we visited the Imperial Palace's Inui Street which was opened to public for a week from Dec 2nd to Dec 10th, 2017.

p.s. I'm using photos I published in my other more frequently update blog : Life, In My Own Backyard.


  1. Nice photos of your trip. I want to shave botak and look young like Pak Kura.

  2. Hi,Lina. It's been a while.You had nice days in our country. It's fun for us too. Your son became very tall. We have a plan to go to Hokkaido again in the middle of June. Have nice days.

    1. Hi Minoru,

      How nive.

      Have fun in Hokkaido!


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