Monday, 4 June 2018

A Short Trip to Osaka In September 2017

We had a very short trip to Osaka in September last year. It wasn't planned but Hubby saw bargain airticket with Air Asia X and asked me whether I want to celebrate our wedding anniversary and birthday in Osaka.

Of course I said YES!

It was pretty much a budget trip.

We spent RM681.00 per pax for our return ticket on Air Asia.
We stayed in a mix of hotel from this tatami room at 2,200 yen per room per night (with shared bathroom) to a 8,000 yen business hotel per room per night.
We visited Wakayama, rode on the Medetai train to Kada.

We visited Koyasan.
I went on a lone hike to Minoo Park as Hubby wasn't feeling well.

I went on a daily jog around Osaka and even managed to do a run around Osaka Castle Park.

It was a rather relaxed, leisurely holiday.
Being in Osaka, of course we also ate a lot of good food. 

We'll be visiting Hokkaido this year and again, we got a good bargain on airfares. We paid RM690.00 per pax for a return trip from Kuala Lumpur to Shin Chitose Airport. That's a good deal, right?


  1. Whoaa!! RM690 is a real bargain. I paid almost RM1300 just for my ticket during the Snow Festival. Will this be your second trip to Hokkaido?

    1. Yup. Anay has very good memory lah!

    2. Sure I remember your stories! You are my celebrity and I never forget all your kind deeds & good achievements in running sports. Yesterday I borak with one 3X IRONMAN cousin and proudly asked him whether he knows Marlina. He said you are so famous, the world knows. Ahem! I was so proud to hear that. Kikikikiki

    3. Amboi manisnya mulut Anay.


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