Monday, 4 June 2018

A Short Trip to Osaka In September 2017

We had a very short trip to Osaka in September last year. It wasn't planned but Hubby saw bargain airticket with Air Asia X and asked me whether I want to celebrate our wedding anniversary and birthday in Osaka.

Of course I said YES!

It was pretty much a budget trip.

We spent RM681.00 per pax for our return ticket on Air Asia.
We stayed in a mix of hotel from this tatami room at 2,200 yen per room per night (with shared bathroom) to a 8,000 yen business hotel per room per night.
We visited Wakayama, rode on the Medetai train to Kada.

We visited Koyasan.
I went on a lone hike to Minoo Park as Hubby wasn't feeling well.

I went on a daily jog around Osaka and even managed to do a run around Osaka Castle Park.

It was a rather relaxed, leisurely holiday.
Being in Osaka, of course we also ate a lot of good food. 

We'll be visiting Hokkaido this year and again, we got a good bargain on airfares. We paid RM690.00 per pax for a return trip from Kuala Lumpur to Shin Chitose Airport. That's a good deal, right?


  1. Whoaa!! RM690 is a real bargain. I paid almost RM1300 just for my ticket during the Snow Festival. Will this be your second trip to Hokkaido?

    1. Yup. Anay has very good memory lah!

    2. Sure I remember your stories! You are my celebrity and I never forget all your kind deeds & good achievements in running sports. Yesterday I borak with one 3X IRONMAN cousin and proudly asked him whether he knows Marlina. He said you are so famous, the world knows. Ahem! I was so proud to hear that. Kikikikiki

    3. Amboi manisnya mulut Anay.

  2. Oh thanks for share about your trip! The food looks delicious

  3. Hotel room is looking so authentic. :)


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